Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Carnacki, Recorder of Things Strange - Promo

I've been working on this Carnacki comic since 2010 when I first got the idea for it.
It's been a slow ordeal with it just being in my free time, but I've slowly built the world and the characters and everything to a point to where I feel set to start sharing it with everyone. I've plotted out the first three volumes of comics, the first of which should be (barring unforseen ghosts) coming out later this year. 

It should be noted that this is a comic inspired by the character created by William Hope Hodgson.
The Carnacki here is not meant to be the exact character from Hodgson’s original stories as I could never successfully add onto what he wrote about his Carnacki. This is a new story of the character I have loved for many years, as I see him and the world he inhabits in my mind.

I hope you enjoy what I come up with.

You can follow my progress at

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