Saturday, November 5, 2005

Tea time & Psalms

Some environment drawings I did for a class.
Obviously heavily influenced by Mignola.


Unknown said...

Oh these are lovely, I'd love to see the sketches. To be honest I kinda hoped if I went back far enough I might see the beginnings of M.S. Corley. As it stands, these are already very professional. Care to recommend a book or two to a graphic design student to get started?

Also, you may want to check out Laurent Parcelier, his style shares certain similiarities with these drawings. His "La Malediction des 7 Boules Vertes" series of comics is available online for free (released into the public domain), albeit in french: .

M. S. Corley said...

Alas, I haven't had this blog long enough to show my 'beginnings' but this was what I did a long while back while in school.

As I find more old work I will post it, but there was a sloppy hard rive transfer when I was younger that made me lose a decent amount of work.

As for book recommendation, 'Penguin by Design' is the only book that I've ever really bought for design and eaten up. Its fantastic IMO.

Thanks for that link.