Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Year Later

Feb 5th marks one year since Cinnamon passed away.
Quite a difficult day for us, hard to think its been such a long time since we had her with us, and such a short time too.
We miss her every single day.

I drew this from one of my favourite pictures I have of her, sitting and looking up at me.


Tom said...

My deepest sympathy and understanding. They never leave our hearts.

Joseph said...

It's so sad to lose a pet. My son's goldfish died this morning and he was inconsolable. He'd never survive losing a dog.

M. S. Corley said...

I remember being really upset when I was a kid when my hampster died and I only had him for a couple years.

As I grew up with Cinnamon for the past 15 years man it was so much harder. Being an adult with a childhood pet that you lose, its like losing part of your childhood, like losing a sibling.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear that! Pets truly enrich our lives, especially dogs, in my opinion. Just remember all dogs go to Heaven :D

Mom In Progress said...

Awe your connection with Cinnamon is just so sweet. I know my Jack wants a dog so desperately and sometimes its easy to think meh, we can wait wait wait and what does it matter but I know how much he treasures animals and would have that connection you had with Cinnamon. THAT makes me so determined to make it happen for him someday. Also, this drawing reminds me of the animals that Albert Durer did. Jack and I just toured his home in Nuremburg. Very cool!