Friday, October 19, 2012

Art Giveaway Winners

Thanks everyone for the ideas! There were a lot of really good ones that I wanted to draw, it was kinda tough narrowing it down to 4 ideas, so I did 5 instead.

If you are a winner, please email me your mailing address so I can send you the art.
And if you didn't win this time, I'll be doing this again in the future so stay tuned.

My interpretation of Death

Carnacki and John Silence

Warrior woman facing a brave adventurer

Guts from the Berserk series

Eoghan Kerrigan
Lone Druid from Dota 2


Tom said...

Those turned out really nicely!

M. S. Corley said...

Thank you!

LostCrichton said...

Fantastic work! I really love the interpretation of Death.

DavidB. said...

These were awesome!

I also loved the interpretation of Death!

Matt Mikalatos said...

And the theme appears to be: large, sharp objects! Great work (as always).