Sunday, May 4, 2014

Camilla's Second Birthday

My daughter's favorite movie is Ponyo (with Totoro in second place) so we had a Ponyo themed party this year for her and for my main gift I decided to redraw a scene from the movie (altered a bit) with her hanging out with Ponyo and Sosuke. She might not fully appreciate it till she's older, but she sure was happy seeing it and knew it was her with them.

For anyone who has kids and hasn't seen Ponyo I highly recommend it. It's an interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's story The Little Mermaid (not like Disney's Little Mermaid). And whats great is that there's no villains or scary bits in it like a lot of Disney movies have that parents usually fast forward through, its just a fun little love and adventure story.

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Unknown said...

THis is hte most adorable present! she will grow up to love it!