Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Back when I was growing up I loved Megaman and would draw my own robot masters all the time. (I'm sure I've mentioned that before)
I also liked knights, so I made this guy up as my ideal robot/knight. He's a good guy.
I thought I would redraw him now if only to feel good about improving my drawing skills.

Drawn in 1993

Redrawn in 2012

And here's a bonus image of Slayon. This was back when I didn't doubt my ability to draw. 
I just drew whatever I wanted even if I didn't know how. Hover cycle that might double as a metal detector? No sweat


Ink Asylum said...

This is amazing. I need to do this with some of my really old artwork. :D

rinaz said...

This is just wonderful! :-)

Graham said...

I love Megaman! and I must say you were definitely channeling Megaman X2's Hoverbike:



M. S. Corley said...

ha your right it does look like his hoverbike. I saw the future of megaman in my art!

Matt Mikalatos said...

What? You're not going to redraw the hover bike/metal detector?

M. S. Corley said...

hah, no that thing is beyond my current ability. I lost the skill for hover detectors somewhere in my life