Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange Case of Mr. Hyde TPB & Art Giveaway!

This Wednesday the 22nd is the release of the trade paperback of The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde!

The whole series collected under a nice new cover with a sketchbook section in back and an afterword by Cole. As a thank you for supporting the comic I'm doing a small giveaway.

From February 22 to March 4nd anyone who emails me proof of purchase of the trade (like a photo of you holding it, or a receipt, etc) with their mailing address I will send out a custom signed 4x6 marker sketch of a character, like the one of Moreau below.

Anyone from comics/games or whatever. Jekyll? Balthier? Hulk? Capt. Reynolds? An OC? Just tell me what you want within reason (no nudity) and I'll draw it.  My gift to you!

So thank you again for supporting the comic, it really means a lot to Cole and me!
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