Friday, February 14, 2014


And so we end the week with The Joker.
I love how he doesn't really have a name to go along with his origin story, he was just always known as The Joker. I went the literally insane route with him, picturing him escaped from Arkham Asylum but actually embracing his insanity and wearing it like a badge with his slung-over-the-shoulders-straight-jacket-I'm-a-handsome-fellow look. He wants to look dapper and there is a purposeful nod to Buster Keaton here if you can see it. 
Personally I've never been a fan of him having clown make-up on (though I do like his bleached-by-chemicals skin color) so I wanted to avoid what we normally see, yet still have the signature red 'lips' look. So I thought, instead of an exaggerated smile or weird scars or whatever, lets just get rid of his lips entirely (boy, he'd have some fun enunciating) resulting in a perpetually ghoulish grin. I'd love to see cosplay of him if it were possible to recreate his face like I've done here.

You can see concept work here
And the original inkwash is for sale here

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