Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poison Ivy

Ivy was one of the original ideas I had for a redesign. I spent some time reading each characters bio and did my best avoiding the normal interpretations of the villains so that I could (hopefully) come at it as fresh as possible. With the way Ivy goes about killing her victims, often by a kiss, made it hard to avoid the seductress route. But instead of the normal one piece bathing suit or "strategically placed leaves" for her outfit I thought what if I tried to make her (slightly) higher class looking but still seductive.

I love high fashion runway clothing, where they sport really crazy clothes that no one would actually wear on the street, but we all can admire as a form of art. And with that in mind the fly trap just seemed like a great idea visually and symbolically. Pair that with her not being fully human anymore but mixed genetically with plants in a alluringly grotesque way, and—voilĂ . My Poison Ivy.

You can see concept work here
And the original inkwash is for sale here

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